B.O.L.T. Warhead "The Re-Enforcement" [2LP]
Polygram / Universal

B.O.L.T. Warhead - The Re-Enforcement 2LP

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Norsk hip-hop klassiker!!


A1 Prelude

A2 Son of decepticon

A3 Flags on fire

A4 Scab of the limbo

B1 Burial of the unknown soldier

B2 Lethal justice

B3 Radiation

B4 Dedication

B5 Impact in the valley of 18.1.16

C1 Blast Kwan

C2 Rebirth 2991 AD.

C3 Untitled

C4 Visual contact

D1 Nonflexible element

D2 Rudeboy metallic outgunning the machinery hidden under the desert of the past

D3 Sunrise

D4 Postlium


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