Marius Lien "Motorpsycho - Supersonic Scientists" (English Limited Edt) [Bok]
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Marius Lien "Motorpsycho - Supersonic Scientists" (English Limited Edt) [Bok]

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Since their debut demotape «Maiden Voyage» in 1990, Motorpsycho has released 21 studio albums, four live albums and a bunch of 7”, 10” and single tracks.

They have an enormous fan base all over the world, but still, no-one knows so much about them. apart from  that they’re releasing an average of one fantastic album a year.

Regarding Motorpsycho’s exhibition at Rockheim, Trondheim October 16th, 15 out of Norways finest authors, musicians and music journalists will dive into the world of Motorpsycho.

Who are their fans, why do they sound the way they do, their megalomaniacal visions, their music, album sleeves, lyrics, their working ethics and last, but not least: How do they manage to keep their mysitique after 25 years on the road?

15 authors is writing about 15 different songs from 15 different albums. Among them x-MP-drummer Håkon Gebhardt, famous novelists and die hard fans Johan Harstad and Lars Ramslie, historians, fans, musicians, professors – all tell their story, and editor Marius Lien makes them all fit together.

The book contains the largest MP-discography ever, put together by Kjell Arne Sandvik and Petter Flaten Eilertsen and a foreword by Bob LeBad.

The 15 authors who contribute are:

Kristopher Schau (musicians), Marius Lien (author), Lars Ramslie (author), Anne Lise Frøkedal (musician), Hedvig Mollestad (musician), Synnøve Engevik (professor), Synne Øverland Knudsen (musician), Espen Hauglid (writer), Stian Stakset (librarian/writer), Håkon Gebhardt (artist), Nils Henrik Smith (author), Johan Harstad (author), Audun Vinger (music journalist), Stina Stjern (artist), Arvid Skancke-Knutsen (music historian) and Morten Haugdahl (music historian).

Hardcover special edition cover with colour print and dust jacket – Specially designed by Kim Hiorthøy.


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