Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo "Dialogue" [LP]
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Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo "Dialogue" [LP]

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A1 Ole Times Two

A2 Not For Sale

A3 So (Interlude)

A4 Summer Of George

A5 Brothers

A6 I Think (Interlude)

A7 Athens

A8 He Is (Interlude)

A9 Schengen Visa

A10 The Reason (Interlude)

A11 Vent

B1 Enough For You

B2 Alain Villet (Interlude)

B3 Dusty Grooves

B4 88 Keys

B5 Mahershala Ali

B6 Conflict**

B7 Why (Interlude)

B8 Timeless

B9 We Made It

Vocals and lyrics by Vuyo

Produced by Ol Burger Beats 

Schratches by DJ Chali

Mixed by Poppa Lars

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