Son Of Light "War of the Words" [2LP]
Tee Productions

Son Of Light "War of the Words" [2LP]

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Son Of Light follow up to debut "Deep Green" 

Tee Productions. Guests include Talib Kweli


A1. Rule Over Nonsense

A2. Rewind

A3. UNI (feat. Critical, Tingsek)

B1. Get Yours

B2. Hyp-notic

B3. Heavy On Me (feat. Son Tzu)

C1. The End Is The Beginning

C2. Session 10

C3. Masters Of War

Tee Productions

C4. Lift It Up

D1. Just Be Yourself (feat. Talib Kweli)

D2. A Letter To Here And Now (feat Tshawe Baqwa)

D3. Safe N Sound (feat Andreas Ihlebæk)

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